Friday, January 7, 2011

Bittersweet reflections during snow

Medford 02155
West Newbury 01985
Groveland 01834
Ipswich 01938
Boston 02115
Allston 02134
Rabat 10101
Brookline 02446

A list of the places I have put down roots in 22 years of life. The briefest compendium of my geographical history, a manifestation of sabbaticals, studies, divorce, suburbia, leases, mortgages.

A zip code can say a thousand words. What is yours? What attachment do you feel to the physical place you live in? What are the effects of a life without attachment, of transitory employment, of a disposable culture? You can live anywhere, do anything, be anybody you please, but where does that leave you? what is the value of an identity defined by its transient adaptability, and what are the adverse effects of an ephemeral existence?

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