Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Comfort, comfort, why did you run for it?

My body is still reeling and recovering from Dr. Cutting. I only noticed 2 veg. options at Panearah. I found my quiet place before the inbound train. The 1-Straw Revolution is begun. The Hive is alright, we're all alright. Greenside up kids, because we're all doing just fine. Basil and pepper seedlings potted up and snoozing on the front porch, better late than never. Graduation gift thank yous still a work in progress.

I relaxed under the blueberries several hours-lots to do in West Newbury these days. Thoughts of suburban farms and potential future endeavours. Urban Composting and worm farm seems the most likely, or easiest. Verndale worms are thriving: 2 outdoor recycling bins getting established, harvesting of indoor rubbermaid bin in progress. Greenhouse worms are also doing well, and 2 bins will be ready to harvest soon. It's easy to forget that these hobbies of mine involve 'marketable skills,' like biking food scraps down Harvard or Commonwealth. The greenhouse could sell its extra vermicompost to recoup costs.

Fukuoka does away with the prepared compost all together-this is something I am not prepared to do. His natural 'do-nothing' farming will come in time, and meanwhile we will mimic its results at the Goodwin Garden. Sheet to sheet, mulch to mulch, row by row we'll keep this garden grow-ing.