Friday, December 24, 2010

Christopher Hedges David Foster Wallace

David Hedges Foster Christopher Wallace. no, not my new law firm. Wallace's voluminous essays make my mind race make me read with a dictionary at hand put my brain to work. the man speaks volumes of truth dissecting everything, he articulates some of my greatest fears and fascination with exquisite exhaustive extradetails


Chris Hedges shouted at me when I walked in the French doors. squawked from the ibm really, and the man was talking sense. He was talking all about our occupation of Iraq, how the sanctions were working and Saddam was crumbling, how much the war coverage emphasized our weapons and high technology, how much propaganda media tried to build public favor, etc. He paints a bleak landscape that eerily reflects a lot of America today;


this gentleman talks of the impending falloftheAmericanempire
which is also the name of a State Radio song.

There is so much I find problematic with things I see around me, I can't help. An illusion is something different from a dream. bread and circus, poor Cicero. Oh yes I forgot, Hedges talks about how absent a revolution our current trajectory breeds facism. Some would say we are already there.

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  1. I heard Hedges on the radio yesterday! I liked the recording of the speech he gave before he got arrested, but then they interviewed him and I found his rhetoric off-putting. I demand more moderate speech, he annoyed me and I turned off the radio