Saturday, July 23, 2011

Merry Fields Forever

She's got a secret surname that nobody knows, with the most gorgeous hyphen-you wouldn't believe the way it glows.

I was born into some factualization, suburbanization, edification, call it what you will.

There is a new light inside of me that feels right and good and natural.

Here's to old friends and new, and Friday night Hive dinners, and Saturday plans of composting, communicating, and DIYfesting.

Serve love, give love. You will get out what you put in, so don't be afraid to give.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

the Devil and God reside inside All

Reconsidering Handcuffs-
You're shouting so loud, you barely enjoy this broken thing.
You're a song that's never sung, is what I say.
You can only blame yourself.

It's hard to be the better man.

But should we stop, and take her with us, for all our time. Say hello to an old friend.
Not mine. She is sitting in the corner now, a little bleary with far away eyes.
Her ice cream cake lay discarded, an iceberg of cookie and cake
in a creamy oreo sea.

I thought about the weekend, and her slinky red dress, and the way she
flipped her bangs and
blinked her eyes and
I lit the bubbler, finished my Sierra Mist and ice hint of triple sec,
thanked my hospitable hosts,
and rode home with Derek.

Maeve is my girl still, and I love her and her new rack. 20 pound bucket of organic matter please.

How about a garden in a cargo bike? Main Street frame<-=->a Pedicab minus loveseat. That's heavy. How about worm delivery by bike? Complete with in-home worm (and/or garden) consultation and set-up, maintenance optional. Look for me out there.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Making Humus

This Gal inspired this Guy, and I'm just real excited about the whole thing.

Composting, meat and all, in JP?
Great Home pickup service for compostables, at fair rates?
Focus is food, fun, human-power, community, and redefining waste?

Count me in, I'm real jazzed by decomposition...

Seriously, I'm gonna meet with this Andy Brooks, I want to see his operation, his secrets, his paycheck, the usual. We could do good things together, him and I.

Brookline has some real pent up composting energy I think, that needs a release, and it is only a matter of time before the municipality gets involved in home composting(--about time!). Until that time, there is a demand that Bootstrap fills and that Bountiful Brookline could help to fill tooo.

In my ideal world, every neighborhood has a place to compost, and every community has some food gardens to use the stuff. It's simple folks, we're making humus together. This is precious stuff, and it should be treated as such: with some love and patience.

In fact, I'm off to the BU greenhouse with a few days-worth of Hive compostables for the woms. Cycle powered composting is already here in Brookline.