Friday, July 1, 2011

Making Humus

This Gal inspired this Guy, and I'm just real excited about the whole thing.

Composting, meat and all, in JP?
Great Home pickup service for compostables, at fair rates?
Focus is food, fun, human-power, community, and redefining waste?

Count me in, I'm real jazzed by decomposition...

Seriously, I'm gonna meet with this Andy Brooks, I want to see his operation, his secrets, his paycheck, the usual. We could do good things together, him and I.

Brookline has some real pent up composting energy I think, that needs a release, and it is only a matter of time before the municipality gets involved in home composting(--about time!). Until that time, there is a demand that Bootstrap fills and that Bountiful Brookline could help to fill tooo.

In my ideal world, every neighborhood has a place to compost, and every community has some food gardens to use the stuff. It's simple folks, we're making humus together. This is precious stuff, and it should be treated as such: with some love and patience.

In fact, I'm off to the BU greenhouse with a few days-worth of Hive compostables for the woms. Cycle powered composting is already here in Brookline.

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