Sunday, September 5, 2010


Home feels right, and this place feels like home. Community, love, safety, caring, judgement-free, open, aware, understanding, fun, communication, beauty as truth, truthful beauty, nurturing, cooperative. People working together to build a more meaningful place to live and work and enjoy ourselves. Bikes crawling up the front stairs, dashing metal valets ready and waiting to take you anywhere. Dancing dappled leaves of light play softly across my curtain, ushering me to restful sleep. Treasures awaiting discovery around every corner, conversations unwillingly cut short by life outside our bubble. Not just a place to escape to, but one that offers refuge and mediation for dealing with the world at large. Friday night games, saturday stuffed shells, sunday work on old bikes. Sharing is caring, and we can all help carry the load. Our own societal niche, like termites building a better hill.

Let me bold or I'm gonna be bold. Social experiment? Intentional community? Hippie commune? Maybe... call it what you will, but it has begun.

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