Sunday, July 18, 2010

the end of the week

sunday night thoughts need to be recorded:

-ice cream is really tasty.

-I have trouble formulating into words all the things that I know in my head to be true.

-sometimes I have trouble going to bed because I feel like I need to do more in order to make the night 'productive' or worthy in some respect. But at the same time I know that sometimes the most productive thing I can do is go to bed.

-I worked for approximately 23 hours in a 48 hour span, between friday at 5:30pm until sunday at 5pm. next weekend is looking to be much of the same...

-Thursday is going to be spent with my dear Mommy

-in 10 days I will have spent 3 years with one person as my romantic companion.

-I have not read, watched, or listened to the news in almost a week. there is just no time

-'Chaz Vest' is a real person, as is 'Sean McCool'

-a nice lady gave me a coffee mug full of arnie today after I delivered her a pita.

-Living alone would be a good thing for me because I could keep everything exactly as I wanted to. Sometimes people fail to meet my expectations through no fault of their own. Sometimes I tell people what to do when it is not my place to do so, both at work and in everyday social situations. Call me bossy if you will, but sometimes I can't hold back my opinion.

-between thought and expression there lies a lifetime

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