Friday, June 4, 2010

Dear Science

shuffling thoughts like a deck of cards.

don't you ever feel like there is too much going on up there?

I have slowly come to realize that things I do to pass the time, the things I really enjoy, like cooking, biking, and playing frisbee, I do them because they don't require thinkiing. They require focus, sure, and some effort, but they are sort of unconscious by now. If a ball comes whizzing towards your face your hand will come up to attempt to divert its path. In the same way, I zoom down Cambridge st my destination, 260 columbia street, Cambridge, looming close ahead. ten minutes, at most, and I arrive. Unconscious. Mind at rest, yet entirely on edge. Like TV on the Radio.

Engagement in some kind of semi-unconscious activity will facilitate this escape from thought. Running, gardening, riding, chopping wood, mowing the lawn, something where you know exactly what to do because there is only really one way to do it, the best way. or the shortest way, the most efficient, the fastest way, the safest way, whatever it may be.

The point is that there are plenty of ways to escape, to ease your mind, to keep things in perspective. Doing dishes is another good one, something that I end up doing more than I should, something I still do regardless because of the sense of satisfaction that I feel upon completion of all the dishes in the sink, or better yet the whole kitchen. And I make a game out of it, trying to wash all the dishes using as little water as possible. I recommend you try it too!

You don't realize how useful your hands are until you hurt one of them. I am just happy it is a strain and not a break. Be grateful for what you have, because if might be gone before you know it.

Anyone know of any farm internships in the Boston area for this summer? Aww, that's right, work goes on here on Harvard Street in Brookline, MA. JP licks 11-4 friday, 7-close saturday, 5-close sunday, pita pit 6-close friday.

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  1. I like this. But did you strain your hand? I didn't know!