Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ich war in einer Leverkusenergartenpartei

I like pretending I can speak German really well and making up new words. The languge does lend itself to word combinations like geschirrspule or geschirrspulemaschine washing machine. anyway much linguisticty has been going on here and I have been having some fast times in Germany. The week has gone and almost done its course and I will be on the train to Paris on Monday in no time. It has been fast in many ways, and i mean that in the sense of Fast times at Ridgemont High with the ever so dashing Sean Penn. not fast like vinn diesel, ich bin kein XXX. I was explaining phoenetical spelling to Kevin at the party earlier, a garden party grill and chill, leverkusen style, but I think I actually meant to say transliteration. Are those things the same?

I am ready to come home to the glorious United States of America to see everyone and talk about everything that must be discussed. There is always something to be discussed belnissbatlee in my opinion, Transliterated von Arabisch. However, I am having a great time here, my german has resurfaced well, I have been getting compliments on it I must say. I hope to keep it up for a long time, maybe my kids can be raised with 2 or 3 languages. Regular visits with Christoph, Dominik, Kevin, Tymo, Jens, the rest of the Altenbachs, and everyone else will help to keep up language practice. Languages and words and ideas are so important, that is something that has been reinforced by this semester. The classes and the experience and all the other circumstances involved mit alles war so viel thought-provoking. I have gained a newfound critical and analytical perspective on ideas and their power and implications. Fur ideen und sienen implikations und macht habe ich ein neues critischen und analytischen perspektiv. I love german.

The real world is creeping in on my holiday, but I am excited for all that the next week, month, several months and more holds in store. I have only hope and anticipation for the near future, and beyond that we will see. Many changes, many things probably stay the same, as I like. I am a creature of habits who loves anticipating the future. I am able to tell you that I use writing and taking pictures to help remeber the times I dont or the details I miss. I will always be a writer and a photography man in that respect. I also hope to always be a writer, I think it should be a part of how I make my living. Maybe a food writer, maybe a researcher, teacher, politician, Im not ruling anything out. Though I dont really want to be a politician.

I prefer writing like this, just about one subject wihtout too much planning. Or maybe multiple subjects, free flowing, like a letter. Meshimushkeel bei mir, no problem with me. I like to have an audience in mind when I write, it makes things easier. Sometimes I try to write in a more terse and curt style. But I tend to be more long winded than that in reality. I am a big fan of reality, and I will qualify that by saying that discourse and practice must always match. That is a big component of realitz for me now. Practice what you preach, no gap between what you say and what you do. Its a simple concept with profound implications.

Even if I dont feel or see Morocco, I am still in a little way there. It is with me, that time that is already established in the past as I studied in Rabat for 4 months, Ich komme von vier monat in Morocco studieren, darastu fee medinat elRabat, J'ai etudier quattes mois dans Maroc.

I will be getting a valet chauffeured ride (thank you Papa) from Newark LIBERTY international airport to West Newbury in the afternoon of Monday, May 10th. I will be there in my bed receiving visitors for several hours a day...

But seriously I want to see anyone who wants to see me. Wednesday to Cambrige for lunch with my Cousin Tommy who I havenot see in a while even though he goes to Harvard U, yikes where is the love. Its there always, and I will be glad to see him. Thursday I head to Ipswich for a couple of days with Mommy Hugh and the cats. Maybe I will get a new phone there, ooh la la? Saturday I will be at 30 glenville ave
#1 hope to seee you all there. Sunday is BU graduation, hope to see Alex Curtis at the linguistics graduation ceremonz to cheer her on. After that I dont know.

oh yeah, also job seraching maybe in Cambridge on wednesday and certainlz saturday in Allston Boston etc. Anyone know who might be hiring?

Tomorrow is a Mothers day luncheon with the whole Altenbach family, Jurgen, Monika, Marina, Christoph, Torben, plus me and Florian, Marinas bf. Should be great, I love that I have 3 families in three very different and very great places in this wide world of ours. I am going Ich gehe nach shlafen ins bett, ya, weil Ich bin mude. I am tired and will sleep good here. Love to all, see you soon.

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